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Your Price. Glock Inc. Magazine Spring 9mm/40/357/45GAP 9 coil spring. Like most Glocks you don't get much in adornment, but you get a hard working gun that you can trust to go off when you hit the bang switch with your booger hook. I carry the Glock 43X three times as often but would never give up the Glock 43. The G43 is also one of the smallest pistols in its class, measuring a mere 6.26 inches long and 4.25 inches high. I am very happy my G43 is an older model and does NOT have the marksman barrel, which is really just nothing more than the original polygonal hammer forged barrel with some extra rifling grooves cut into it by a machine, to make projectile identification easier for the police. It’s styled almost exactly like any other Glock, just shrunk in size. For the holster, I love my Clinger Atom for the 43. Manufacturing. We know that this is the part you’ve been waiting for, so let’s get down to it. I’ve been carrying Glocks both professionally and privately since before they had light rails and just can’t imagine using anything else at this point. This incredible firearm has garnered a lot of success and is regarded as one of Glock’s best single-stack 9mm pistols. Your Price. The Glock 43x has a height of 5.04" vs the Glock 43 that measures 4.25". Calibers: 357 Sig . Striker-Fired Subcompact Pistol ... 3.43 in. Its use of polymers quickly made it a media sensation for allegedly being “invisible” to airport security X-ray machines, although the reality was that the pistol profile was still easily visible in an X-ray scanner. The standard Glock 43 has a bad habit of eating up my hand with slide bite. Back-Ordered . This model is temporarily out of stock. It will shrug off wear and resist corrosion and rust in general well. The smaller gun is easier to conceal, but harder to fire. The G43 has a barrel length of 3.39 inches, more more than half the length of the gun, and a loaded weight of 22.36 ounces, or less than a pound and a half. Although far from the G17’s seventeen rounds of ammunition, the user has the option of using more powerful ammunition. I love my G43 and have no plans to sell it, however with the prices that people are paying for guns right now with the Covid19 and the civil unrest…. Glock 33 (G33) Sub-Compact … Glock 43. Each GLOCK delivers on our promise of safety, reliability, and simplicity at an affordable price. Capacity: 12 +1 (9mm Luger) 10 +1 (40 S&W) Glock G33 Gen4 . Typically a Glock pistol will be part of one particular generation, and this ranges from Generations 1 through 5 with the 5th being the current generation. The Glock 43 is a simple, small, but capable gun. The frame is of course polymer, and the slide is all black and sports a black nitride finish. Maybe if you are born with tiny hands it’d work but my hands are just too big. GLOCK 33 High muzzle velocity and energy, all packed in a user-friendly subcompact 357 SIG pistol: the GLOCK 33 opens up new possibilities in the concealed carry range. Back-Ordered . This model is temporarily out of stock. The Glock 43 is one example of such a pistol. G32 Gen4. The Glock 43 dimensions make it an adorable mini Glock. With all of this already in play my daughter is about to turn 21 and wants a pistol and CCW permit before venturing out on her own but thinks the 43 feels a little too snappy with properly hot defensive ammo. The new Glock 43 is possibly the best combination of mobility, discretion and firepower on the civilian handgun market. Glock Inc. Glock OEM barrel for GEN1-4 G27/33 Glocks. As a Glock 43 owner, the first thing I noticed about the Glock 43X was the size difference. Glock 31 (G31) Standard, Full-Size Handgun, Available in 3rd and 4th Generation Models. Now I love the Glock. Reloading the G43X is easier since you have more to grip on the magazine and because the grip clears my hand. The low round count in the magazine will also guarantee that the use won’t fire more than one or two rounds at a time. I really have no use for the new Marksman barrel. $749.00 . GLO-33498. The actual price you will pay will generally be much lower. The Glock 43 is another subcompact 9mm weapon for concealed carry. I’m sure I’ll get hated on for saying it but my Sig P365 holds 12+1 rounds of 9mm and it’s about the size of the Glock 43 in these pictures. I love both and I use both. I've had a 42 since late last year and have just picked up a 43. The G43X also has a beavertail built into the frame that I love. It’s certainly better in the hands of an experienced shooter. The Glock 43x has a height of 5.04" vs the Glock 43 that measures 4.25". Also, the slide seemed to be just a bit easier to rack than the original G43. I want one. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Contribute; Contact; Glock . The WarHog Slide for Glocks Limited Edition WarHog slide designed to honor the famous A-10 Warthog warplane. It’s easier to hold, to point, and to aim. So comfortable, in fact, you'll Conceal Carry everyday. The GLOCK 33 Gen 4 357sig with its more ergonomic external controls and grip options, opens up new possibilities in concealed carry. The WarHog Slide for Glocks Limited Edition WarHog slide designed to honor the famous A-10 Warthog warplane. The G43X is larger than the G43, and this is due to the increased grip length. $9.00. Hammer Fired vs Striker Fired Performance Next we come to performance. Calibers: 9mm Luger . If shooting starts, and they empty the first magazine, a 15-round magazine from the 19 or a full 17-round magazine (from the 17) can be inserted into the pistol. I own the 43 and really like it. It always goes bang regardless of what is going on. In stock Purchase Now » View Details » Glock 47702 MagG26 G5 9mm 12rd PKG. Glock Mag Springs 19,23,26,27,29,30,32,33,38,39. Both come with Glock’s outstanding level of reliability, and both are affordable options. Another factor to consider is hand strength. Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Description. The total capacity of the G43X is 10 rounds. GLOCK 33. Glock 33 ; Glock 34 ; Glock 35 ; Glock 36 ; Glock 40 ; Glock 41 ; Glock 42 ; Glock 43 ; Glock 43X ; Glock 48 ; Glock 24 ; Price . This means that the Glock 19 … The G43 fulfills the ideal subcompact gun criteria on a number of fronts. Most of you probably would. This is a discussion on I need your help: Glock 33 vs SIG P239 vs SIG P226 or P229 in .357 SIG within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Let me preface this buy saying I know A LOT about Glocks and next to no experience with SIGs. Now, I’m going to do the opposite and give you the top five reasons NOT to pick up the Glock 43. Additionally, the G43X has forward slide serrations that are missing on the standard Glock 43 dimensions. The finish is also rock solid and does give it a unique look in the world of Glocks. Glock 43 Urban Carry Holster And Glock 43 Vs Glock 33 is best in online store. Extended-capacity is often one of the primary reasons why you would want to buy a new mag, and Glock certainly has it covered with magazines ranging in capacity all the way up to 33 rounds. I may finally have a worthy pistol to supplement my beloved Glock 19. Glock pistols are used by police and military forces around the globe, and you don’t hear complaints about the finish. Glock 17 - 9mm. G32 Gen4 . Your Price. I shot 200 rounds through my 43X a couple days ago just using the SA 15 mag and it shot fantastic, not one hiccup. It will often feel like the gun is trying to escape your grasp via wiggling during rapid-fire slowly. After reading this, I don’t have to hold it, I want another 43. Glock Mag Springs M/22,31,35,37 11 Coil. The extended height allows another advantage over the Glock 43: room for more rounds. Your Price. No, not all GLOCK magazines are interchangeable. G33 Gen4. Concealed-carry handguns are highly specialized handguns with one mission: actively defend the user until the user is clear of the threat or the threat is eliminated. Clinger Holsters designs comfortable and adjustable holsters. check out Clinger Holsters’ affordable Kydex holsters here. Weight-wise surprisingly the G43X is barely heavier, I mean a fraction of an ounce. The G43X is also the prettier and more ergonomic gun all at the cost of being harder to conceal. Glock Mag Springs 19,23,26,27,29,30,32,33,38,39. I've really enjoyed the size and weight of the 42 vs my Shield 40. The story of the Glock … The 19X lost but became a popular handgun selling over 100K in a year. Subcompact handguns, on the other hand, are built for carrying. Glock Mag Springs LE 17,21. Replaces GLO-2429. As a smaller, lighter pistol possibly loaded with “hotter” +P loads, the G43 is theoretically a candidate for recoil handling issues. Glock brand pistols have become the standard of semi-automatic polymer pistols. The G43 is small enough it can even be pocket carried comfortably. Generation 1 magazines. On Monday, I published the “Top 5 Reasons to Purchase the New Single Stack Glock 43” which, as the title of the article suggests, enumerated five reasons to go out and buy the highly anticipated subcompact pistol. The 43 is more similar in size and weight to the Shield than the 42. The pistol is Glock’s first so-called “single-stack” subcompact handgun; while handguns with relatively small nine-millimeter bullets pack them into two narrow columns in the magazine, the G43 has only a single column of six bullets. The shorter grip leads to decreased control over the gun. Rating: 100%. DV8 exclusive Raptor One slide for the single-stack Glock 43 9mm. Another example is the Glock 48, which has a slide and barrel equal in length to the Glock 19 as well, but again keeps the single stack frame size and a narrower width. The longer grip is exponentially better than the G43 grip when shooting rapid fire strings. It’s made its way to a million produced and sold for a reason. It still has Glock’s safe action system with three different safeties, as well as the Glock polymer magazine. The G43 holds six rounds with one in the pipe. The G43X has a longer grip which potentially means more printing and an overall harder to conceal package. Glock had to put some kind of marketing spin on it. Your email address will not be published. The G43X is 5.04 inches tall, and the G43 is a shorter 4.25 inches. This weapon was one of Glock’s first single stack weapons, and the release was pretty built up. The G43 is an ultra-concealable and accurate 9mm pistol - perfect for concealed carry. Add to Wish ... Glock Magazine: Model 43 9mm 6rd Capacity w/ Finger Ext - MF08855 . I wouldn’t own the 48 or 43x I tried them junk as far as glocks go terrible ffg innishs wear horrible too the regular 43 now is in line with all you’re other 9mm plastic fantastic is a solid platform and you put the ghost trigger bar in it 20$ it’s got a outstanding trigger to boot theres nothing about any of these micro 9s that ain’t controllable t hff ere 9mm come on and it’s a defensive pistol when t hff e shit boys the fan and u have to use it none of these things will matter. The longer magazine also gives you a ton more ammo than the G43, and this makes it a more combat-capable gun. The double action, polymer gun with a large seventeen-round ammunition capacity quickly won a reputation for reliability, accuracy and ease of maintenance. If I had to choose a gun based just off the fit and finish it would be the Glock 43X. The 43 was the first 9mm, single stack, subcompact pistol Glock has ever released. Warning WARNING × WARNING This Product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other productive harm. I’d trade for a BOG stock Gen 2 G19, maybe. Glock 33. High muzzle velocity and energy packed in an easy handling subcompact pistol: The GLOCK 33 in .357 opens up entirely new possibilities for you. $749.00 $389.00. The Glock 33 GEN 4 357sig has high muzzle velocity and energy all packed in an easy-handling subcompact .357 pistol. The Glock 43 (G43) is the smallest 9mm pistol Glock has ever made. This change gives shooters more grip length for a fuller grip of the pistol and therefore better control. While these guns are very similar and even share a model number, they are entirely different. With the arrival of the Sig Sauer P365, offering 10+1 capacity, the possibility of a better choice looms. Either gun will be a great piece for concealed carry and any kind of,, Ammunition. How can it be? But if I didn’t own a G43 and was in the market for a new gun, I’d choose the G43x over the G43. 40 S&W . One interesting difference is the width of the G43X. Looking at the two pistols side by side, they appear to have comparable dimensions, except that the G43X is slightly wider (G43 1.06″ vs. G43X 1.10″ Wide) and taller (G43 4.25″ vs.G43X 5.04″ Tall) with … Probably not. It’s shorter and thinner than any other 9mm Glock. In stock Purchase Now » View Details » ProMag GLOCK 19 9mm Magazine 15 … Called +P loads, the ammunition uses more or different gunpowder to achieve higher pressures and faster bullet velocities. I still haven’t decided whether or not to sell the Glock 43 I’ve had for a few years now. There is no appreciable improvement in accuracy, and in fact there is some degradation in projectile velocity making the guns slightly less powerful with the same ammo as say a Gen 1,2,3 or 4 Glock. Announced in 2015, it was the most highly anticipated release in Glock's history. Experience the Accuracy and Safety of GLOCK Pistols. Striker-Fired Compact Pistol . I’m a sucker for the stainless look, and this new gun looks great. A bigger grip means more control over the gun which results in less felt recoil and easier follow-up shots. GLO-33601. The G43X is much easier to shoot and to rack thanks to the longer grip. Capacities . You won’t find a small pistol shorter than the length of your hand in the arsenals of most world armies, but they are ideal for everyday civilians who need to discreetly carry a firearm on them in public. Calibers: 357 Sig . In stock Purchase Now » View Details » ProMag GLKA14 MagGlock 21 45 ACP 13rd Black. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As a retired Law Enforcement Officer I want no one to know I carry. Your Price. 16 rounds vs. 7 rounds, another no brainer. The G43 and G43X are both still small guns with a barrel length of 3.41 inches, and the G43X is longer with an overall length of 6.5 inches. The G43X weighs 18 ounces, and the G43 weighs 17.99 ounces unloaded. It’s an interesting tradeoff that each shooter will have to decide on for themselves. Do any of you who own both Glock 43s and Glock 48s notice a softer muzzle jump from the longer slide and better grip leverage? But, so is the 29SF and the 30S. I’m not a big fan of the Glock slide lock and find it too small and to easy to press down with a proper grip. I never caught slide bite when shooting the G43X. The Glock 43 has reigned supreme over the single stack concealed carry industry for quite some time. I wanted to get the sig p365, I wanted to like it, but the grip felt like 1/2 the size of the Glock 43. A variety of approved GLOCK models are represented by the selection of CO2 and green gas-operated GLOCK air powered handguns from Umarex USA Airguns and Elite Force Airsoft. Here is where the smaller, technically longer, and shorter G43 wins out in. My G19 sits in the safe now as I have the same capacity as the G19 but in a much slimmer and lighter package. This is a great finish for a gun that’s likely going to sit tight to your body and in a holster most of its life. For me it’s the Kahr CM9 ormy Glock 43, usually the 43. The G43 is also one of the smallest pistols in its class, measuring a mere 6.26 inches long and 4.25 inches high. With small guns, the magazine often gets caught on its way out and pinned by my palm. The Glock 43 has now sold over a million pistols. This includes high-end brass ammo and low-quality steel stuff. GLO-6026. These models are the Glock 17 and the Glock 19. The G43X uses an nPVD coating that is also proven to be strong, durable, and to resist corrosion. Too much trigger time behind the “Boxy But Good” Austrian Tupperware to change now. The Glock 43 dimensions make it an adorable mini Glock. Choose from a G17, G18C, G19, G19X, and even the G34. Recoil is still comfortable and far from painful even with this little gun. You can barely get a grip on the tiny thing. Lifetime Warranty. They needed the new weapons to have removable and exchangeable parts, and be easy and safe to disassemble and clean. $749.00 . Magazine Capacity. Even loaded with six rounds of .380 ammunition, the Glock … It’s so much easier to carry the 43X vs. the G19. I was a Smith and Wesson guy. It features a … As a backup weapon with superior ballistic performance, the “pocket rocket” is second to none. The right choice is in your hands. Rating: 96%. The .357 Sig round is super accurate and very flat shooting. Subcompacts must be small and ideally narrow in order to prevent “printing,” the dreaded phenomenon when the profile of a handgun is visible underneath clothing. These things feel great in our modular and durable Glock 43X holsters and Glock 43 holsters. 3.43 in. However, I don’t have to choose because I own both. The 43 holds 6+1 rounds of same. Add to Cart. CNobbe Member. Standard handguns, such as the nine-millimeter G17 and the .40 caliber G22, are generally issued to police departments and armies as sidearms. I own both and whenever I can carry the X I do so, when the clothing says otherwise The micro nine could even be a pocket gun. The weapon measures 6.26 inches long, 4.25 inches tall, and 1.02 inches wide. The proven GLOCK design is comfortable worn concealed. It’s an odd addition, but a one that’s present. The most significant difference is that the PVD finish is silver and gives the gun a distinct look. The G43 has a shorter 2.56-inch trigger distance compared to the G43X’s longer 2.64 inches. Slides available for: Glock 19, Glock 23, Glock 17, Glock 22 frames. The 29 and 30 do give you more real estate for your pinky. A concealed-carry handgun owner needs a pistol that can squeeze as much performance out of a small and unobtrusive package as possible. Although we can’t exactly tell you which pistol to choose, nor do we want to, what we can do is provide you with a comparison of the two. Glock Inc. GLOCK OEM MAG SPRING G17 STD 10 COIL. Low Stock. Without a doubt, the G43X is super easy to control and much easier to control than the G43. ProMag GLK13 Glock 43 Magazine 9mm Luger 10rd G43 Polymer Black Finish. The barrel is 3.39 inches long, and the weight of the weapon is 17.95 ounces unloaded. My first Glock was the 31, the big brother of the 33. When I saw the 43, I had to have it. Glock 17 - 9mm. That’s why I’m excited about it. Width, a key consideration for a gun that must be concealed on a person, is an remarkable 1.02 inches. Glock 17 Gen 5. The next heavier pistol in Glock’s lineup is the 9-millimeter single stack Glock 43 that weighs seventeen ounces unloaded. The G43X weighs 23.07 ounces loaded, and the 43 weighs 20.64 ounces. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll have a clearer picture of which one is right for you. In 2009 he cofounded the defense and security blog Japan Security Watch. The G43 premiered to great critical acclaim, and it became one of Glock’s most popular handguns. Either gun will be a great piece for concealed carry and any kind of concealed carry holster. The verdict: Sig Sauer P320 vs. Glock 19. So, an engineer by the name of Gaston Glock got to work creating polymer-encased firearms.These primary goals of the Austrian Army, along with the polymer casing Glock designed, are now some of the most recognizable f… The Glock 43 dimensions, especially with the longer grip, does add bulk and bulk is always the bad guy when it comes to concealed carry. I need your help: Glock 33 vs SIG P239 vs SIG P226 or P229 in .357 SIG. It’s styled almost exactly like any other Glock, just shrunk in size. RS1. 09 May, 2019 4 comments . Neither gun will have a rail but speaking with Crimson Trace I found out the Laserguard designed for the G43 will fit on the G43X. The G43X does have front slide serrations that the G43 does not have. It doesn’t seem much bigger either.

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