How It Works, one of the top apartment locators in Texas, is one of the best places to start your search for an apartment in Dallas, Houston, or Austin. Dive into our powerful online apartment search and discover a wide range of apartments without having to leave your computer. Search for luxury Dallas one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments, or smaller more affordable studios and one bedroom apartments in Dallas, Houston and Austin. Use our online apartment search tools to discover the perfect apartment home today!

FRM Dallas Apartment Locators operates in a way very similar to other Apartment Locators in the area with one big exception: we PAY our clients! We do this with a simple process:

  • First, you either find your apartment online, or we provide a Custom Property Report so that you can see exactly what apartments fit your need. All reports contain full details – including apartment addresses.
  • Then, our clients MUST put “FreeRentMoney” on their guest card for each property they view and their Lease Application for the one they decide to lease with. This is the most important step!
  • Once the lease is signed, our clients will fill out the “Claim Your Rebate” form so that we know all of the details of their lease. Once the “Claim Your Rebate” form is submitted, we will submit an invoice to the property for the FreeRentMoney rebate.
  • Once the property pays the FreeRentMoney rebate, we send a check to our clients for their rebate amount either to their original address or to their new address; depending on the status of their move at the time the rebate is received.

Our service is COMPLETELY Free and is paid for by the apartment communities that we work with. We have an extensive database of communities in Dallas, Austin, and Houston that work with us and we will be delighted to provide you with a Property Report containing properties that will meet your needs and pay you for your move. Get your Custom Property Report today!