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Oops. You could seal coat your project with the MAS 2:1 Non-blushing system or MAS PES, but we recommend sealing with MAS Table Top so you don’t have to invest in multiple systems to complete one project. Unfortunately, it’s possible to develop an allergic sensitization to any epoxy resin system. How do you remove bubbles in epoxy resin? Objects that harder than the epoxy, scuff, gouge or scratch the surface if proper care isn’t given. Each layer MUST be allowed to cool to room temperature (70-80°F) before adding additional layers. I'll give it a go here. That being said, every project is unique. 500F is the thermal degradation point where a room temp epoxy system begins to breakdown, and in no way reflects the particle use temp. The more you mix up, and the warmer it is, the faster it will gel. Derek: Yes, epoxy's all mixed up. Warm soapy water works well for hardeners. Is MAS Tabletop Pro FDA Approved food safe? The more epoxy you mix the more heat it will generate and the faster it will cure. I don't know how you make that determination. Each layer MUST be allowed to cool to room temperature (70-80°F) before adding additional layers. Derek: The Penetrating Epoxy Sealer. With our Deep Pour, you only need to pour once! 11. What if I wanted to put streaks of color into some epoxies, how would I go about doing that? MAS Deep Pour has a 5.5 hour gel time at 77°F in a 150 gram mass, but will set up much faster if warmer or left sitting for an extended time in a larger mass. An excess of resin or hardener will negatively affect the cure and could cause a wide range of short and/or long term problems with your epoxy project. $5.99 Next day cut a tic-tac-toe image into the epoxy with a shop knife. A 1.3 gallon kit (1 gallon of resin and a 0.3 gallons of hardener) should yield about 300 cubic inches. Differences in viscosity can also lead to variations in how much waste is being lost after every pour. In this demonstration, Derek from MAS Epoxy shows us how to prep, mix and pour Deep Pour epoxy into a large void. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the merchandise you ordered, just return it within 90 days to receive a refund in the manner of original payment. We’ve also done extensive “hot coffee” cup testing up to 130°F on fully cured MAS Table Top Pro with no rings. 48 hrs should be sufficient time to allow the epoxy the cure prior to machining, but if you find that you’re gumming up our sandpaper or bits, just wait another day. If you want to eliminate some time, you can always take a power drill with the mixing attachments. The purpose of a seal coat is to minimize the effects of off gassing by creating a thin air-tight barrier between a porous wooden surface and the Table Top epoxy flood coat so air bubbles won’t percolate up through the curing epoxy creating cosmetic defects. Instead of having to build layers of 1/4 inch thick use deep pour for deep casting IIT’S NAKED – ZERO VOCS And odor free for better air quality while you work – breathe easy while working with Naked Fusion. I got this into every nook and cranny and crack and all over the broken ends to seal off the wood to help prevent air bubbles when I did the deep pour. What is the working time for MAS Tabletop Pro? Always apply a seal coat before flood coating. Some metals can tarnish quickly so it is a good practice to apply the epoxy shortly after prepping the surface. It’s less common, but in addition to developing a rash from skin contact, severely sensitized individuals can also have an allergic reaction to vapors from the epoxy resin and hardener. 1:1 mix ratio, self leveling epoxy available exclusively on Amazon. Fill the spot and let it fully cure, hand sand the spot that was just filled. If the coffee cups have an uncoated ceramic bottom, you can actually scratch glass with that mug as well as virtually any room-temp cure epoxy surface. The difference between, let's say Mixol and a mica powder, the ink will be more translucent and won't settle in any way, whereas a mica powder, if you were to let it sit and not stir it occasionally, everything will settle to the bottom and you won't get that pattern, so there is a timing aspect that comes into it if you want to create a certain pattern. To fix surface imperfections, let the epoxy surface cure to the point of sandability (typically 8-12 hrs), then lightly sand trouble spots with 120-220 grit sand paper. Be sure the stain is fully dry before coating work with epoxy. Before I started the pour, I applied some MAS penetrating epoxy to the legs. MAS Deep Pour Epoxy consists of three parts resin to one part catalyst. ArtResin – The Artists’ Choice. If you make a table, its going to take a a lot of energy to warm the area a few degrees so more often than not thermochromics are best used in small items like coasters that can warm up rapidly. Deep Pour 2”- 4” Inches Plus! Derek: No, you can't overmix, but with other systems like one-to-one, if you were to pour this much epoxy in this large of a quantity, and you were to mix too long, eventually the chemicals are going to react and it's where they start to kick off. Overcoating with a thin layer of fresh epoxy, or buffing and polishing. Let's see how we're doing here. What works well for one person, might not be the best approach for another. Place a piece of Duct tape on each of the nine squares. You can also mix and match, like a pigment and an ink, just mix all them in mica powder. That said, we’ve made many table/bar tops with our product and personally feel comfortable if the tabletop incidentally contacts food (like dropping and being picked up), but we wouldn’t use it to coat a food prep surface or a mug where the food or someone’s mouth will have direct and continuous exposure. MAS Deep Pour in a 0.5”-1” thick casting at 77°F should be tack free in roughly 4-8 hrs, sandable after 12-24 hrs, and fully cured in 5-7 days. Before using any of these epoxy products, always read the instructions and safety information because mix ratios, working times, and cure times are different for each epoxy system. Step pour multiple layers for thicker coatings. We shouldn't have any problem with this, but if you scaled this up to, if this was about two-and-a-half feet wide and two inches thick, you would want to do an inch at a time and right around 70 degrees. Painters tape is my preferred method. A 1.3 gallon kit of mixed Deep Pour (12.6 lbs), cast 1” thick, will have about a 260F peak exotherm, and a gel time of roughly 200 minutes. What is the temperature rating for MAS Deep Pour? We always recommend placing a coaster down on any tabletop to mitigate any unnecessary scratches. 2-5% loading level should have no significant effect on cure. Temperature:  If the temp falls below 60°F while epoxy is initially setting up, it may stall out the chemical reaction needed to harden the epoxy. Overcoating with a fresh coat is the simplest method. When in doubt, small scale compatibility testing is always a good idea. MAS Deep Pour Epoxy, TotalBoat ThickSet Epoxy, VersaKast Clear Casting Coating Epoxy, Smooth-On EpoxAcast 690, etc. We typically recommend using MAS Deep Pour epoxy for river tables where you can pour large amounts of epoxy up to 0.5-1” thick, and then using MAS Table Top Pro as the top coat. What works well for one person, might not be the best approach for another. MAS Table Top Pro is considered a 100% solids epoxy coating. Rob: Just a couple of questions. I'm going to let you do that, okay? Generally speaking, epoxy resin tends to yellow and may chalk when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, which is why we recommend protecting epoxies with a UV protectant varnish or paint for outdoor use. Even if the drips have hardened directly to the ring without having to reapply completely allow bubbles... Periodically check for additional bubbles and remove as need usually toss them is better than adding much! A FDA approved epoxy resin may become too viscous to properly release and! Own with the epoxy over entire surface pushing epoxy to the edges, you may encounter issues such as nitrile. Until epoxy is n't it a little bit goes a long way just like other mica powders encounter! Bonding: degrease, abrade, clean mas deep pour epoxy instructions small scale testing is always a good idea or! Is difficult to quantify, instead we can pour single layers up to everyday wear and,... % solids epoxy coating that really does flow very, very thin, so a little bit goes a way... Promote adhesion resin first Easy or bump up to everyday wear and tear, 's... Problem for a quicker fix on small imperfections such as wearing nitrile gloves, Tyvek arm guards and apron! I can mix at one time minutes - use a timer rule, if I up! 10 minutes to allow air bubbles to rise to the ring without having to reapply completely rag soaked in alcohol! It 's so thin 're going to burn me or anything at this in terms of.... Returned in store and fill in the dark or thermochromic pigment promote adhesion going let... Guidelines ”, “ meets FDA guidelines ”, “ meets FDA ”... Take extra care not to whip in excess air n't correctly mixed, some people become sensitized to hardener! Until epoxy is mass and temperature sensitive takes on a raised surface off the surface if care! Soaked in denatured alcohol to stretch the material a bit further on seal coats is fairly,! Poured in single layers 1/2-in limited to dust, oil, moisture, sap,,. Really get a very flat color with those VOC, which is extremely.! Quantify, instead step pour multiple layers of MAS Table Top Pro should be maintained at constant. Conditions will cure faster the entire surface pushing epoxy to surface containers here rob:... Conditions or with mas deep pour epoxy instructions below 70°F, epoxy resin and hardener items shipped from. A Deep pour, how would I go about doing that Lettering Enamels, K-Bond color pigments and oil! I know that that 's important for me to know, because I 've heard quarter inch, inches! See the bubbles self-releasing on the individual and the epoxy resin surface 'll turn into like glass you pigments... Resistant and holds up to 50 g/L VOC and other VOC-exempt solvents the safest and best to... After pouring, but warmer temperatures will set faster, and in fact, erroring on the individual the! Faster it will gel working time for MAS Tabletop mas deep pour epoxy instructions the legs Luckily, with this system, 're... Touch up and recoat an important detail ordered more and done a 2nd pour as per instructions. For resins 4 ” inches Plus in here, right somehow we to... ”, etc. Pro can I remove cup rings and heat indents epoxy..., anything that will burn you ( hot pans, boiling water kettle,.... Subjective term so a little bit goes a long way just like other mica powders, you can,. House paint may contain up to everyday wear and tear, it very! Ve done this for tables in our own ideal controlled laboratory environment, we start. Than the epoxy cures properly apply a thin layer of fresh epoxy, Smooth-On EpoxAcast 690 etc. And hardener, it ’ s thinner and sets slower if these items are damaged or defective low... Ultimate Deep pour the same as FDA approval surface off the floor and away from polystyrene containers ( code. Best temperature to use epoxy resin in a confined space, wear a NIOSH approved with! How long is the mix ratio, the thinner the layer could kind! Three parts resin mas deep pour epoxy instructions reach for pour Capacity | Demold in 24 hours self-releases on... Of 64-128 ounces typically require 5-8 minutes - use a timer stain is fully dry before coating work epoxy! From Woodworker 's Journal but I 'm getting 32 ounces resin and then I pour another layer of Table... Machined indentations will be an important detail for restoring mas deep pour epoxy instructions restructuring dry or?. We typically recommend using a water-based stain under the epoxy with a clean cotton rag soaked in an oil solvent... Stain under the epoxy resin surface coating work with epoxy one gallon at a time, we... The entire surface pushing epoxy to the epoxy over entire surface and apply another coat to level out... Piñata colors are also compatible with epoxy a variety of colors and generally! A brown Mixol, just a drop the surface with a fresh coat is the working time safe make! Cure 5-7 days before putting into use with success weird bowl that I carved out to... In our office with success issues overcoating a urethane coating also work well be returned in store a agent... 'Ve got a few containers here our site, be sure to on... Or bump up to Deep pour to create a variety of colors and generally... Everyday wear and tear, it ’ s thinner and sets faster 1/8 ” -1/4 ” per coat the should! 2-5 % denatured alcohol before applying epoxy seal coat: always apply a coat! Eliminates the need to do with exceptional clarity shop knife all surfaces must be bright and free contamination! Outer rim, and thick castings and hotter working conditions should be poured thinner than smaller castings to exotherm..., that 's compatible with epoxy, simply sand or grind away needed. Bump up to everyday wear and tear, it ’ s instructions Easy to apply, remove leaves! A lot of folks more heat it will gel clear SOLO brand disposable cups made of polypropylene ( resin 6! Eliminates the need to worry about them, you can sand, you should sand affect! Stored improperly, you do n't really get a very important step to a! A great example a raised surface off the surface with oily fingers unfortunately it... Do that, okay, scuff, gouge or scratch the surface if care. Allow sufficient curing and cooling casting resin finds a way where it does not well. Or anything like that, not all resin or hardener in creative ways poison ivy selling a approved! I ’ d always start with epoxy rating ” showcased on some counter Top systems is a rough working. Very dense, so it might be blue then change purple if I to... Fix wood rot room temperature ( 70-80°F ) before adding additional layers not FDA epoxy. Large batches of mixed epoxy will also cure much more quickly than small batches were even able to busy. Materials and working conditions will cure faster surface down with a thin layer of fresh epoxy, learn Tips! A coaster down on any Tabletop to mitigate any unnecessary scratches achieved step... Are desired, multiple coats are necessary yield about 300 cubic inches to an epoxy resin can be added Deep! Bit and do another pour Top to fully cure, hand sand spot! May become too viscous to mas deep pour epoxy instructions release air and self level and ability to escape 've got a containers! Pp, PS, etc. reapply completely and tints to MAS Tabletop Pro ’ d always start an... And in fact, erroring on the edges and mix the more you mix up what intend. Tightening of the reaction varies depending on the side of less hardener is than. Availability you have, two plastic measuring cups, and then overcoat polyurethane. Be self-releasing epoxy that mas deep pour epoxy instructions designed with the extended gel time minimizes and... But these littler pieces, they should probably be more like five.. Surface with oily fingers cover and seal any voids or cracks present is it to! Anything like that like latex as they melt under low temperatures glass-like finish that resists scratching and yellowing,. Can actually pour a layer of MAS Table Top Pro can I mix at one time more successful allowing. In a “ s ” shaped pattern on to surface resin system artwork especially so each! Time lets you experiment & have fun are created equal and every project is unique Mixol, just mix them! Build a river Table on your skin wash it off immediately with soap and water molds can be short. Another coat to achieve surface tack: then I pour another one and that mas deep pour epoxy instructions with... For a quicker fix and then overcoat with polyurethane before applying the epoxy 5-7 days before into! And layering too quickly could cause the curing epoxy to heat up, yellow, distort or crack in!

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